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About Us

Hidden in the depths of Southern Mexico, concealed amidst a vast landscape of magnificent mountains, dense green jungles and cascading waterfalls, lies one of the most impressive archaeological sites.  Its name is Palenque, an ancient Mayan city, renowned for its archaic temples adorned with intricate carvings and dramatic sculptures.  Although completely uninhabited since the ninth century CE, Palenque has now become the home to thousands of beautiful, colourful butterflies, who dance throughout the mystical ruins.

It was whilst visiting Palenque that David and Susana Heard first became inspired.  Captivated by its beauty and nature, they went on to source a range of sterling silver jewellery that reflected this, and the company they were to create found it’s name, and in turn, it’s emblem became the butterfly. 

David and Susana opened their first sterling silver jewellery shop in the city of Edinburgh in 1992, followed by branches in York, Cambridge, Chester and a second one in Edinburgh.  The concept that originally inspired the creation of Palenque Jewellery developed into a dynamic company specialising in unique and contemporary stylish sterling silver jewellery designs.

At Palenque Jewellery, the majority of the sterling silver pieces are made in Mexico, created by skilled commissioned jewellers selected for their flawless workmanship.  David and Susana return to Mexico twice each year to go in search of new and exciting sterling silver ranges and to ensure Palenque always has the hottest sterling silver jewellery trends for all of the seasons.  They also create many designs themselves, adding a unique touch to an already exclusive collection.  At Palenque Jewellery, pieces are always carefully selected that reflect the ethos of the company to provide beautiful, high quality contemporary sterling silver jewellery designs at an affordable price.

Make sure that you keep up to date with all of Palenque's activities through our blog and Facebook & Twitter pages. We can also be found here too!! palenquesilverjewellery.wordpress.com and also here palenquejewellery.tumblr.com so why not get in touch and keep up to date! You can now take a virtual tour of our York shop on google! Click here for the tour!